Recipe: Delicious 3 ingredient pizza updated

3 ingredient pizza updated. Grab pita bread add sauce and cheese. If you've ever made your own pizza crust, it was probably either for a special occasion or during a cooking class. Welcome to our updated Healthy Kitchen Hacks series!

3 ingredient pizza updated Strained Tomatoes Are the Secret to the Quickest, Best Pizza Sauce Ever. Seriously guys if you ever have a pizza craving makes this!! We used one of our favorite pizza sauces Enrico's pizza sauce. You can cook 3 ingredient pizza updated using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of 3 ingredient pizza updated

  1. You need of Pita bread.
  2. You need of Sauce.
  3. It's of Cheese.

We have been enjoying this sauce for years. Just three ingredients are needed for these Paleo pizza bases which require NO cauliflower! Your average homemade pizza just got a facelift. We all know that Hot Pockets were God's answer to the burning question, "How can I make my pizza more.

3 ingredient pizza updated step by step

  1. Grab pita bread add sauce and cheese.
  2. Pop in oven at 450 f for four minutes.
  3. Enjoy.

You only need three ingredients to make this easy and delicious pizza dough! Use it to make your own favorite pizza at home. Combine all ingredients into a bowl. I used a homemade dry italian seasoning mix, but feel free to use any combination of seasoning that tickles your fancy. SUPER easy hand-holdable healthy pizza crust!

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