Recipe: Delicious 🍕Pizza in regular oven

🍕Pizza in regular oven. If you're thinking about using your indoor range (regular) oven to make pizza, check out this very helpful article on how to set the absolute best. Can you really make a great-tasting pizza with crispy crust in a regular indoor oven range? Two problems of regular oven versus domed firebrick oven.

🍕Pizza in regular oven Cooking pizza with a convection is quick and easy, thanks to the high temperature and even distribution of heat with the internal fan. Now, making the dough is where the hard work comes in. Here's a foolproof made-from-scratch pizza recipe using the convection oven. You can have 🍕Pizza in regular oven using 15 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of 🍕Pizza in regular oven

  1. Prepare of For dough.
  2. You need 300 gr of flour (00 grade will be best).
  3. It's 250 ml of water.
  4. Prepare 1 tea spoon of instant yeast.
  5. Prepare of Salt (1 tea spoon).
  6. It's of For sauce.
  7. Prepare 200 gr of tomato paste.
  8. You need 2-3 cloves of garlic.
  9. Prepare of Basil or thyme.
  10. Prepare of For toppings.
  11. You need of Mozarella (or melting cheese any kind).
  12. It's of All kind of cheese.
  13. Prepare of Any veggies you desire.
  14. Prepare of Any cured meat (do not use raw meat).
  15. You need of Virgin olive oil.

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🍕Pizza in regular oven instructions

  1. First you can mix dry flour and instant yeast well and pour water slowly and mix with your hand. If the dogh is too dry you can add more water..
  2. When water and flour mixed well hold all dough and strech it and make a ball then again strech make a ball a few times more. Then wait at least 2 hour(12 hours will be perfectly enough) and cover with a wet clean towel..
  3. Make a round shape with dough. No need to shape perfectly round thinner pizza is the better pizza.
  4. For the sauce add a little olive oil to a pan and add tomatoes and crushed garlic. Cook in low heat.
  5. Add basil or thyme what you desire to sauce when the sour taste of tomatoes is gone and turn off the heat..
  6. Put your round shaped dough to a pan and start to fry bottom of your pizza and pour enough amount of sauce on your pizza.
  7. When pizza bottom side is hardened you can take from the pan and add toppings you desire and put in the oven with highest degree.
  8. When cheese is melted take your italian style pizza out and serve with olive oil and fresh basil. Bonne petite 🍕.

Sure, the microwave is quick, but it leaves your pizza soggy, sad and not nearly as yummy as it was when it was fresh. The oven makes the crust crispy and does a good job of melting the cheese and heating up the toppings. If you want to add a little brown to the cheese. I am trying to master the homemade Neapolitan pizza, from dough preparation to cooking it. After following the recommendations at for the dough preparation, I came across some doubts regarding the oven use.

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